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Why Use Tegme.tv

Because it's time to earn directly with their videos online

High-performance video system

The platform Tegme.tv leverages an innovative technology for the management and publication of your videos online , the player distributes the contents to your own channel as a tv

You quick cash without losing money

Thanks to ADV+ patent system onTegme.tv you can determine how much to charge for advertising space on your channel video , control them in real time and directly monetize

You know who follows you!

Through your channel dashboard you can know in real time who you follow , you can contact him and interact with him if you want

A world of video expansions

The Tegme.tv platform grows every day , new features are on the way to make more powerful your experience

Maximum control

The various services offered in the plans allow a continuous upgrade of its channel to the Custom service dedicated to Companies that want to incorporate the Tegme system into their platforms